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So as you may have already guessed, this section is for all thing POLITICS!

You can post anything you like in here about politics but if you post anything that is PRO TORY/REPUBLICAN then you will be taken the piss of and then banned!


  1. Brexit

    If you are from the UK and think that we have inficted absolute carneage on ourselves because of the so called 51% that fucked us all over, then this is the place for you!

    Discuss BREXSHIT here and let the fights begin!

  2. Anti Tory

    WE all love to troll tories right? Well whack a post in here and share it to facebook/Twitter and tag the fuckers in it!!

  3. Current Affairs

    Do you have something to say about what is going on where you live? Pissed off by something elsewhere in the world? Well get it shoved in here so we can all moan along with you!

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