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Hello & Welcome to SWC!

If you have found your way here, you must either be a person that has started getting pissed off by the snowflakery going on everywhere these days or know someone like this and thought to yourself "mmm I wonder what all this shit is about". Either way if you want to vent about anything and everything WITHOUT being labelled evil or miserable!

I would like to say that we are a friendly and supportive community of people that have a lot of things in common and some thing not so much. However we do love a little extreme debating. We are in most part going to get one and have fun. UNLESS YOU ARE A FUCKING TORY/REPUBLICAN SUPPORTER. If you are one of these you had better piss off right now before we virtually lynch you!

So, whether you are here to moan about something or someone, like to take the piss of wokeness, veganism, cyclists and the right wing cunts. Dont worry about letting loose!

Why Join Us?

We really dont give a fuck if you join us or not. So get a grip and make you fucking mind up!


Registering here is FREE and simple. Click the blue SIGN UP button in the top left corner and follow the on screen instructions. This community is for everyone over the age of 16. If oyu are not 16 yet DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SIGN UP!

Getting Started...

Once you made you mind up and realised signing up is the best fucking thing since sliced bread, setup your profile and then head on over to the Introductions board and let us know who the fuck you are!


Thats it! Have fun you glorious bastard!

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