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We need a General Election!

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AS you all know, I HATE Tories with a passion! They are vile evil creatures that do nothing to help the country. The last 13 years of Tory rule has been HELL exactly like the previous stint they had before Blair was elected. Maggie Thatcher fucked the country as did John Major. Now David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Liz truss and Rishi Sunak (YES that 5 PMs in the last 13 years!) have done the same. From stagnating wages to crippling austerity measures, slyly selling off the NHS piece by piece to BREXSHIT, they are corrupt WANKERS!

Inflation has hit record highs, with energy costs spiralling YET the energy companies are raking in obscene profits YET The Tories REFUSE to plug tax loopholes and enforce windfall taxes on them and other large corporations that pay little to no tax in this country YET make millions if not billions from trade in this country!

It's about time they were kicked off the White Cliffs of Dover and replaced! This country sorely needs a General Election to get rid of the corrupt Tory DICTATORSHIP and restore a Labour DEMOCRACY!

Who's with me! @Wacky WeLsH - I know you feel the same!

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This topic is 375 days old. Please start a new topic to avoid recycling old topics,

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